Can you fish on a Kimberley Cruise?

If you want to fish in the Kimberley then you need to be aware that not all vessels offer this as an option. Your vessel will need to have a full Western Australian fishing license and not all of them do. These rules around these licenses are strictly enforced and it is not uncommon for WA fisheries to inspect vessels mid-cruise to ensure compliance.

Do you have to be vaccinated to take a Kimberley cruise?

At this stage none of the Kimberley cruise operators have actually stated that this will be a formal requirement but at the time of writing (19 October 2021) it is clear to see that any kind of travel is going to be difficult for people without the vaccination or a valid exemption.

My recommendation for hotels and apartments in Darwin

There are two parts of the city that I recommend; the Waterfront precinct and the CBD. The two are a 5 minute drive (10-12 minute walk) apart.