4 Things To Consider Before Booking A Kimberley Cruise

There are many different Kimberley cruise companies sailing out of Broome, Wyndham and Darwin. They all offer their own individual style of cruising so it can be hard to know which one is the best for you. Before you book your cruise there are a few things you need to know so you can be confident you are getting the best product to suit your needs, budget and time scale.

Consideration 1 – Waterfalls

The ‘big wet’ occurs in March & April and this is the time you can see some spectacular waterfalls. however, these cruises can encounter unsettled weather. Seeing the colours and characters of the Kimberley during this time of year is truly breathtaking.

The rule is that the earlier in the season the more spectacular waterfalls. However, great waterfalls can still be seen mid year including June and July.

Consideration 2 – Alcoholic Drinks

Some boats also included house beer & wine with meals. Not bad quality too. However, if you have a favourite you’d like to purchase onboard please let us know and we will endeavour to have it available. The larger ships operate licensed bars and purchased drinks such as wines, beers and spirits (not part of the ‘house’ and these will be added to your onboard account.

These are normally at restaurant prices.

Tea and (instant) coffee is generally complementary as are juices and soft drinks on some of the boats. Chilled water is available.

Consideration 3 – Whales & Wildflowers

The later part of the season, from July to September, is a fantastic time to escape the southern states and see whales. Wildflowers of all colours and sizes are out, many of which you do not see in other parts of the country.

Consideration 4 – Communications

There is very limited mobile telephone reception out of the major towns in the Kimberley.

Some of the larger boats have satellite facilities and you can purchase internet time. Some of the bigger ships do have phones in the cabin that you can pre-purchase a phone card to use.

Not a particularly cheap option but there if you need it. Let me assure – whilst being out of contact is part of the pure joy of being in the Kimberley, emergency contact is available 24/7

I hope that this blog post has shown you that Kimberley Travel & Cruise can provide expert and impartial advice on all the major Kimberley cruise companies operating out of Broome, Wyndham and Darwin.

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