How much is a Kimberley cruise?

So on occasions we forget that people are just beginning their research into this magnificent destination and really just need a quick ballpark guide to the prices.

Coral - Hathway's-Hideaway

Hathaway’s Hideaway

The Kimberley really is remote. And cruising along the Kimberley coast, you will often feel that you are a million miles from anywhere and anyone. Pretty much all of the islands along the coast (over 2000 of them) are uninhabited so when you and your f…

Vansittart Bay and Jar Island

What draws people to Vansittart Bay and Jar Island? Apart from the pristine white beaches, the glassy aqua waters and the jagged sandstones that teeter on the water’s edge? The discovery of rock paintings dating back 40,000 years, the grave of a DC3 WW…

The Top 7 ‘Must Sees’ of a Kimberley cruise

We are often asked ‘what are the must see sights of a Kimberley cruise” Well here are my top 7 picks.

How fit do you need to be to take a Kimberley cruise?

This is an important question. Kimberley coastal cruises are expedition cruises and this is a completely different style of travel from the large ocean going liners that take thousands of passengers and need modern port facilit…