Hi Lisa

Thank you for your email.

From my perspective the trip was exceptional. Having never been to that part of the world it was a huge eye opener.

The cruise itself was well executed, with very experienced knowledgeable guides, friendly staff and good food. The other patrons were largely educated and interesting people, making for good meal time company.

The numerous expeditions from the ship on the Explorer and/or the zodiac speed boats were varied, and full of interesting things to see and learn about.
Although the room was fairly small it was quite adequate with a small but fully functional bathroom and plenty of storage.

There is very little to find fault with really.

As exercisers we did find that a bit of a challenge, as the designated exercise area was really just an old stationary bike and ellyptical with non-working consoles, but we managed to make it work with those and our own exercise routines.

Also as I was still running my business from the back end while away, wifi was a challenge on the ship. I ended up spending $360 all up on wifi, but I guess that is to be expected given the remoteness.

The accommodation in Broome and Darwin was great.

I certainly feel it was a privilege to have been given such an opportunity.

I have already highly recommended the trip to clients and friends.