What insurance do you need for a Kimberley cruise?

Once you have booked your cruise you are strongly recommended to have travel insurance for the trip. Such insurance should have adequate cancellation cover as well as a provision for emergency medical evacuation from remote areas.

We have put together a number of important questions that you should ask when considering appropriate insurance for this trip. As insurance is a financial product we are legally unable to provide you with specific advice.

Note that a normal domestic insurance policy will almost certainly not be suitable for this trip.

These domestic Kimberley cruises are quite a distinct special case when it comes to insurance. Some things that you should check when considering insurance (especially ‘free insurance’ offered via a credit card).

  • Is there adequate cover for the cancellation fees? This is a really important area of cover to consider as claims for cancellation costs represent the highest proportion (in dollar terms) of travel insurance claims. Whilst your cruise is probably designated as a domestic cruise, many insurers have a limited level of cancellation cover for domestic trips. If you have to cancel this trip a few days out due to unforeseen illness or injury you may well lose all monies paid for your holiday. Is this amount covered? The chances are that you will need higher cancellation cover than is available on a simple domestic policy.
  • Will there be cover for an emergency medical evacuation from a vessel in Australian coastal waters? I have put this phrase in italics as it is an important required cover. In an emergency a helicopter evacuation from a ship in remote coastal waters would probably not be covered by private medical insurance or ambulance cover. The key here is the remote nature of kimberley (one of the reasons you want to go of course). There is no Westpac helicopter in the Kimberley!
  • Will it be covered by your insurer as you are travelling on a domestic cruise? The phrase ‘Australian coastal waters’ is important as some policies include medical evacuation from rivers and lakes only in Australia.
  • Remember to check the insurance company’s stance on pre-existing medical conditions. Most insurers have a list of conditions that they will automatically include without extra charge. Other conditions will require you to complete a medical assessment to see if you need to pay an extra premium.
  • If your insurer says medical evacuation is covered are they aware that you are on an expedition cruise? Some insurers seem to assume that all cruises are via large vessels that have sick bays and doctors on board who can authorise evacuations. Sometimes their cover is dependent on such. Most of the vessels we book – smaller, expedition style – do not have doctors on board as part of the crew.
  • If you intend to use your credit card “included insurance” please make sure you have read the terms and conditions of the insurance underwriters travel insurance policy to make sure you have fulfilled requirements for this cover as per the above. It may be worth a phone call to the card issuer to check. Also understand how much you have to pay by card to get the cover.

As you can see from the above, this destination and style of travel does complicate the insurance a little and it is worthwhile to check your policy carefully. Some insurers have a specific policy for ‘cruising in Australian waters’ and this may well be designed with these domestic cruises in mind.

Kimberley Travel and Cruise does not endorse or recommend any particular travel insurer. But over the many years we have booked Kimberley cruises our passengers have secured appropriate cover from

  • Covermore (a market leading travel insurer in Australia)
  • NIB
  • Medibank Private
  • CGU
  • Fastcover

You may also obtain a quotation from your own health fund or state motoring organisation.

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