- 8 Day Rowley Shoals Itinerary


Located 300kms from the nearest land the Rowley Shoals are a chain of coral atolls that rise nearly vertically from approximately 440 metres deep on the edge of one of the widest continental shelves in the world. Rising from the deep blue of the Indian Ocean each of the three coral atolls covers around 90sq km and features a diverse array of snorkelling and diving environments with exceptional visibility.

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Day 1

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Meet at Odyssey Expeditions depot in Broome @ 10.00 am. Our dive master will be there to greet you and your check dive certifications. We will transfer you and your luggage to the vessel, please make sure that you have all your equipment. Cold beverage and a light lunch will be served shortly after leaving Broome and then it’s an overnight steam to the Rowley Shoals.

Day 2

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We arrive at Clerke Reef, one of three atolls approximately 300 km north-west off the coast of Broome. On approach to the atoll, we will gather on the bow to view the spectacular reef emerge as we cruise through the channel into the lagoon. Following a dive/snorkel briefing you will be assigned your buddy pairs and be ready for the first dive/snorkel of the day, an introduction dive inside the atoll, “The Aquarium”. After lunch, we will head outside the atoll where the water is deeper.

Day 3

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Into Homer at 6.30 am for a 7.00 am dive/snorkel at Clerke Wall before tucking into a hearty cooked breakfast. After a short break, its off to another of the many dive/snorkel sites, so much to see; schools of Hump Headed Wrasse, Parrot Fish, Pelagic species, game fish like Trevally, Tuna, Wahoo not to forget the amazing colourful reef. Our next dive/snorkel is after lunch exploring some of the many caves and crevices of Clerke Reef. Late afternoon or evening dive/snorkel depending on conditions at Eel Creek.

Day 4

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Clerke Gutters will be our first dive/snorkel of the day before a mid-morning roller coaster ride through the channel. After a surface break, it is back into Homer to head for the north tip of Clerke Reef for an afternoon dive/snorkel at Blue Lagoon.

Day 5

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After our first dive/snorkel we take a last look at Bedwell Island before we head off to Mermaid Reef, 20 miles to our North. We cruise through the western face of Mermaid Atoll before entering the inner reef. Our first dive/snorkel “V in the Wall”, a huge chunk of reef that has broken of the main atoll in the shape of a V. Mermaid Channel dive/snorkel is next.

Day 6

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Mermaid Wall rising from a depth of 400 meters is a sheer wall alive with corals and fish. Dolphins, manta rays and turtles are frequently spotted in this area. Coral Gardens is our second dive/snorkel. Labyrinths is next and to finish of this amazing day we will drift dive/snorkel the channel.

Day 7

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Back to spectacular Mermaid Wall this morning followed by a visit to the Cod Hole for a farewell dive with the curious Potato Cod. These two dive/snorkel spots are ones that nobody could ever get enough of. Mermaid Caves will be our afternoon dive/snorkel around 1.30 pm and then it is time to store our gear and depart Mermaid Reef for an overnight cruise back to Broome.

Day 8

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Cruising over night this day has come all to soon we arrive back to the Port of Broome at approximately 9:00 am. After breakfast your courtesy bus will transfer to your Broome accommodation or airport.

* All itineraries are indicative only. No two Kimberley cruises will be the same. Each cruise is tailored around the astounding 10+ metre tidal range, weather and sea conditions.

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