Odyssey Expedition - 9 Day Fly & Cruise Itinerary

Mitchell Plateau to Broome

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Day 1

Mitchell Plateau

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The Day has finally come your transport will pick you up from your accommodation and take you to Broome airport. From Broome airport you will take a scenic flight to the Mitchell Plateau airstrip, there your helicopter waits to take you over the majestic Mitchell Falls and further on sweeping round MV Odyssey to land on Naturalist Island. There “Homer” our expedition tender vessel will be waiting to transport you to our eagerly awaiting crew on board Odyssey, your home for the next 9 Days. After a safety briefing and induction our chef will have a scrumptious lunch for you. After lunch it’s time to explore the riches of the Hunter and Roe rivers and Porosis Creek. The Hunter presents perhaps the most spectacular river scenery in Western Australia, with grand red cliffs towering above mangrove fringed rivers. Our expert guides will show you hidden wonders of this areas wildlife focusing on the bird life and crocodiles make sure you have your camera at the ready! The bird and animal life along this watercourse is prolific. You may spot an elusive Chestnut Rail on the mud banks, Giant Egrets or the huge Great Billed Heron within the tops of the mangroves or the ever present Saltwater Croc lurking below.

Day 2

Careening Bay and Prince Regent River

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Today we leave Prince Frederick Harbour and travel southward towards the sight of the HMC Mermaid tree, a giant boab tree made famous by Philip Parker King when he careened his vessel HMC Mermaid for repairs in 1820. Whilst the vessel’s Naturalist was recording & drawing many new & unusual Kimberley species of flora & fauna the vessel’s Carpenter took the opportunity to record their time in this area by engraving the ancient Boab tree with the letters ‘HMC Mermaid 1820’. We’ll go ashore & spend some time reliving history. Then back on board Odyssey for a leisurely cruise through the St George basin.

Day 3

Prince Regent River – Camp Creek

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Today we cruise into the St George Basin, the Kimberley’s largest inland sea. Standing tall on our arrival will be Mt. Trafalgar & Mt. Wellington, named by Philip Parker King in 1820. After a scrumptious brekkie we will cruise up the Prince Regent River and head ashore where a short walk takes you to the waters of Camp Creek. Enjoy the scenic surrounds and immerse yourself in the refreshing water as we spend some time here at this idyllic location. For the more agile in the group a 20 minute walk to the upper reaches will find two stunning waterfalls, the scene is breathtaking. The upper fall feeds a giant fresh water pool, ideal for swimming, then flows through and over rock to form another pristine pool of fresh water below. After a swim it’s back down river to rejoin the rest of the group for a snack. After spending some time at Camp Creek it’s back to Odyssey, a spot of fishing may be on the agenda, the keen fishermen and women can try their hand at catching the elusive Barramundi.

Day 4

Prince Regent – King Cascade

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Still within the Prince Regent there is a lots of exploring to do, we will cruise further up the magnificent watercourse and take you to, probably the Kimberley’s most famous icon, the magnificent King Cascades. You will marvel at the sight of cascading water over the terraced rock that has formed over thousands of years. Time to put your bathers on you’re going to get wet. Further on up the Regent, if tide allows we’ll visit the spectacular Cathedral Falls. Then it’s ashore for a short climb to view the ancient aboriginal artwork know as Bradshaw Art, named after pastoralist Joseph Bradshaw who was the first European to discover it in 1891.

Day 5

Camden Harbour

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Today we travel through Camden Sound. This region has worldwide recognition as a crucial breeding and calving area for the Humpback Whale and hosts the world largest Humpback Whale population. Camden sound is rich other aquatic mammals such as Bottle and Snub-fin dolphins, Blue Whales, Pygmy Killer Whales and Pilot Whales. This area is surrounded by fringing reefs with thousands of fish and marine invertebrates living amongst the hard and soft corals in the warm tropical waters of this truly unique environment. As we travel south through Camden sound we’ll stop for a walk on Sheep Island a short walk takes us to the headstone and grave of Mary Jane Pascoe. We’ll take time to reflect on the tragic events that took place in this region in the 1860’s as early settlers tried to make The Kimberley their home.

Day 6

Montgomery Reef – Sale River

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Today we take an unforgettable passage through Turtle Alley to one of the Kimberly’s most spectacular sights’, Montgomery Reef, 400 square kilometres of reef that on a high spring tide is 4 metres underwater. With the outgoing tide the reef is then exposed by more than 4 metres; a marvel not to be missed. Spot for Giant Turtles, Manta Rays, Dugongs & the many varieties of fish species that inhabit these waters. Then we will cruise across the bay to the beautiful Sale River, “Homer” will take us up stream for a closer look at the stunning orange and red sandstone cliff’s as we wind our way through the narrow gorges toward the Sale River Rainforest. We will take a leisurely walk in the lush rainforest environment and enjoy the crystal waters of the creeks that feed the Sale River. Then it’s time to relax on board Odyssey as we overnight at Hall Point.

Day 7

Red Cone Creek/Ruby Falls and Raft Point

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After a scrumptious Brekkie this morning it’s into “Homer” and a leisurely cruise up Red Cone Creek for a refreshing swim in the water hole provided by the beautiful Ruby Falls, feel the power of the falls as you bathe beneath them. Back to Odyssey and a short cruise to Raft Point, the site of perhaps the best Aboriginal rock art on the coast. A short walk reveals spectacular scenery & endless views across Doubtful Bay to Steep Island. At the Raft Point gallery we will learn about the local Aboriginal beliefs & cultures, the lifestyles they once enjoyed & the Wandjina that shaped their land.

Day 8

Horizontal Falls

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Relax, sit back and enjoy a satisfying breakfast & take in the scenery as we cruise through to Talbot Bay the location of the magnificent Horizontal Falls, there we will experience the awesome power of the falls then spend some time exploring the spectacular geology and scenery of Cyclone Creek. We will head on over to Crocodile Creek where we’ll have a swim in a fresh water hole at the base of a waterfall, then continue south through the magnificent Buccaneer Archipelago, consisting of more than 800 islands and with a tidal range of over 10m, Named by Philip Parker King in 1820 in memory of William Dampier, a supposed Buccaneer for the king of the time. We will go ashore for your last magnificent Kimberley sunset on the pure white sands of Silica Beach.

Day 9


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Sadly your adventure with us is coming to an end. After an overnight steam south, past Cape Leveque, enjoy your last brekkie on onboard Odyssey, watching the endless stretch of Cable Beach pass by. It’s time to swap e-mails and farewell your new found friends onboard Odyssey as we arrive into the Port of Broome mid morning where your transport will be waiting to take you back to your accommodation.

* All itineraries are indicative only. No two Kimberley cruises will be the same. Each cruise is tailored around the astounding 10+ metre tidal range, weather and sea conditions.