- 7 Day Rowley Shoals Itinerary

Broome to Broome

Kimberley Expeditions focuses on value for money for our guests. There is no better time than now to cruise the Kimberley. Come on board our 38 metre expedition vessel MV Reef Prince and find yourself cruising through towering gorges and tributaries, travelling ‘down river’ in our excursion tenders and enjoying waterfalls such as King Cascade or the King George Falls.

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Day 1

Welcome Aboard – Reef Prince

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You are “welcomed aboard” the comfortable Reef Prince in the frontier pearling port of Broome.

Our chef will serve afternoon tea as we wave good bye to Broome around 2pm. It’s an overnight steam to the Rowley Shoals.

Day 2-4

Clerke Reef

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We arrive at Clerke Reef – the Rowleys’ middle atoll and enjoy a hearty breakfast before your first dive at “The Aquarium”. There’s plenty of time to explore diving country along the outer reef including “Parrot’s Edge” and “Coral Gardens”, with the possibility of seeing a sailfish or humpback whale display acrobatics in all their glory.

The top deck is the place to be for your first spectacular sunset enjoying a nice coldie before munching on a delicious meal. Brace yourself as each day depending on weather and tides we do our best to offer you at least 4 dives or snorkels. These include the outer reef at “Jimmy Goes to China” followed by “Blue Lagoon”, which are both frequented by large pelagics and curious reef sharks – be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the many species of shells on display.
Each night as the sun starts to lower on the horizon we anchor up in the lagoon where you can enjoy a beach-comb along the deserted sand cay. A night dive is on the cards before dinner on one of the evenings, if you have the energy. Each perfect night at Clerke Lagoon, where the stars reflect in the glassy ocean, is followed by scrumptious breakfasts to your liking.

At different times you may be offered a quick troll along the outer reef.

Day 5 & 6

Mermaid Reef

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Today we explore Mermaid Reef. You will be impressed by a stop at the world famous “Northern Wall”, reputedly one of the world’s top three dives. The sheer gradient to a depth of 80 metres, gigantic gorgonians, mesmerising colour, huge dog tooth tuna, green turtles and every imaginable tropical reef species is here!!!

Then we are off to the unforgettable “Cod Hole” where you will come face to face with giant potato cod that are extremely friendly (so don’t forget the camera).

Day 7

Arrive back at Broome

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Arrive back at Broome around 8.30am and unload all the gear. It is time to say goodbye until we catch up with you again at the Rowleys, Abrolhos, Montebellos or in the Kimberley.

* All itineraries are indicative only. No two Kimberley cruises will be the same. Each cruise is tailored around the astounding 10+ metre tidal range, weather and sea conditions.

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