My pick of the best things to see and do in Broome

Broome is a wonderful and distinctive place. If you haven’t visited previously then a stay of at least two nights is well worth it. Every one of our Kimberley cruise passengers will have a complimentary Broome sights tour that will include Town Beach, Cable Beach, Ganutheme Point and the famous Japanese cemetery amongst others. This tour will give you a great insight into Broome and its history and might be enough for you; along with pearl shopping and hanging by the hotel pool of course.

But if you are after something more then here are a few of my favourite day trips, half day trips and nights out in Broome.

Broome is insanely busy between May and September in particular. If you want a specific experience (camels and Willie Creek Pearls tour for example) then pre-booking is vital.

Take a sunset camel ride on Cable Beach

Possibly the most iconic image people have of Broome is the camel rides along Cable Beach. This has been an institution for over 40 years and is a fun way to experience the sunset on Cable Beach (before heading up to the Sunset Bar at the Cable Beach Club for a drink perhaps?)

Enjoy a camel ride while witnessing the sunset at the Cable Beach.

I suppose this one is a bit daggy nowadays. And tourist activities involving animals have become less popular in recent years, especially with younger generations. In deference to my daughters I won’t include a link to any of the camel operators. But a quick Google search of “cable beach camels’ should get you there if this is on your bucket list!


Lots of people have asked for specific information about the camels so here are the links (just don’t tell my daughters I told you!)

30-Minute pre-sunset camel tour

60-minute pre-sunset camel tour

Watch a Movie at the historic Sun Pictures

A very enjoyable experience in Broome is watching a film at its cinema – Sun Pictures – ‘the world’s oldest Outdoor Picture Garden’. The original building dates back to 1903 with the first film shown in 1913! It’s a really laid back experience. People will often go and get fish and chips or some sort of takeaway food and go into the cinema and sit back and watch the movie while they have their dinner. The seating is essentially deck chair style or, if you want, you can even lie on the grass just in front of the screen! Just be aware that Sun Pictures is directly under the Broome airport flight path so occasionally you do lose some dialogue to aircraft noise!

Sun Pictures in Broome

To check the film schedule at the cinema click here

Learn the art of Pearl farming at Willie Creek Pearls.

The history of Broome over the last 150 years has been dominated by the pearling industry. The Willie Creek Pearl Farm half day tour has become the most popular tour in Broome and we always get very positive feedback. You will learn all about the modern farming process on the tour, watch a live pearl harvest and then enjoy a short cruise (with commentary) through the beautiful surroundings of Willie Creek. This is a thoroughly recommended trip for all visitors to Broome.

Learn while enjoying the scenery at Willie Creek

For bookings, see this link.

Or if you have a car then the self drive option starts at $89 per person.

See Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek

My personal favourite day excursion from Broome is the Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek tour operated by 4WD. If you haven’t cruised the Kimberley yet then this day trip will give you a taste of the wondrous scenery that that region is famous for.  As well as a guided walk through the gorge and Tunnel Creek you will see the Fitzroy River (one of the Kimberley’s most important and iconic rivers), usually get an opportunity for a swim in a natural waterhole, see an array of birdlife, fruit bats plus the occasional freshwater crocodile (not on your swim!) and view the infamous Prison Boah tree once used as a temporary jail for Indigenous people.

A delightful glimpse of Australia’s wonderful Kimberley region

Note you do need to be quite steady on your feet for this one as Tunnel Creek can be quite dark

Pricing for the Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek Tour starts at $299 per person and includes picnic lunch, morning & afternoon tea and park permit fees. It is a very full day departing around 7am and returning around 10pm. They pick up and drop off at all the main hotels.

For availability and bookings click here

Day trip to the Dampier Peninsula

Another great day trip from Broome is this 4WD trip up to Dampier Peninsula starting at $289 per person.

It’s another long day but well worth the effort and takes in Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, Beagle Bay aboriginal community and my personal favourite, the “Mother of Pearl’ church.

Mother of Pearl Church stuns visitors with its breathtaking beauty

For availability and bookings click here

Both day tours listed above include Broome hotel pick up/drop off.

Enjoy a mango (or chilli) beer at Matsos

You will probably visit Matsos (‘the most remote brewery in Australia”) on your day tour. It has become one of the most popular hangouts in Broome. It is a great location for a drink and to enjoy the live music they often have in the gardens on an afternoon.

Grab a cold beer and sit back and relax while enjoying the spectacular views over Roebuck Bay

The Horizontal Waterfalls

The Horizontal Waterfalls are the most famous natural phenomenon in the Kimberley. Tides of up to 12 metres create a horizontal waterfall that flows between two cliffs. The Kimberley is famous for its rugged coastline and the Horizontal Waterfalls are one of its most spectacular features.

Aerial view of the majestic Horizontal Falls

These waterfalls are not your typical cascading type. The term ‘horizontal’ is quite accurate as the waterfalls flow horizontally for some 100 metres or so. As the tides change, so does the direction of the waterfall flow. At high tide, when the sea is at its highest point, the water flows towards the coastline. As the tide starts to recede, the waterfalls reverse and flow out to sea.

The falls are the number one ‘must see’ mentioned by people when we start discussing their Kimberley cruise. Don’t worry; any Kimberley cruise that starts or finishes in Broome will include a stop at the falls.

That being said the falls do look magnificent from the air so if you are really keen you can take this day trip by light aircraft from Broome

Fly the Falls Tour

Self-drive options

One important question I am regularly asked is: do you need a car? Despite its small population Broome sprawls and is essentially divided into two areas – Broome town and Cable Beach. In a vehicle it takes about 5-7 minutes to get between the two – it is too far to walk. There is a regular and very reliable bus service in operation that works for most people but sometimes people like the freedom that a car can give you.

My personal view is that if you are staying more than two nights in Broome then consider getting a car for more extensive travel from Broome or just to give a bit more freedom to go locally.

One of my favourite day trips from Broome is to hire a car and drive south down to the Eco Beach resort. It is about a 90 minute drive, mainly on the highway with the last part on a farm track. Your journey is rewarded by a beautiful resort set around an outdoor restaurant with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. On the way back to Broome there are options to stop at a mango farm and a privately owned bird sanctuary. 

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