Why should I book my Kimberley Cruise with you?

We know we are not the only travel company that you can use to book your Kimberley coastal cruise. So why book with us? Here are five reasons why:

We have an exclusive extra special offer with no small print

With every Kimberley cruise we book we include two free nights’ accommodation in either Broome or Darwin (or even Kununurra if applicable). Or you can take one night in Darwin or one night in Broome. This offer is absolutely free – you pay no more for your cruise to get this free accommodation. Our free accommodation offer is combinable with any special offers that might also apply – no exceptions and no need to ask for it.

For more details about our two free night offer click here.

We are genuine Kimberley cruise experts and we know Broome, Kununurra and the Kimberley region inside out.

The closure of international borders since March 2020 has meant that thousands of Australian travel agents who previously spurned domestic travel have suddenly “pivoted” (to use one of 2020’s most overused word) to booking domestic holidays such as Kimberley cruises. But you cannot become an expert in Kimberley cruising overnight.

Myself and my team have been specialising in Kimberley cruising for over twelve years. I myself have cruised the Kimberley coast with four different vessels; each one with its own distinctive style. My colleague, Karen, has cruised the Kimberley coast with three different ships. In fact everyone in our office has cruised the Kimberley at least once. We have all drank a beer at Matsos Brewery in Broome, taken a fast boat through the Horizontal Waterfalls, flown in a helicopter (with no doors!) over Mitchell Falls, dipped our heads under King Cascade, swam in Kimberley waterholes, climbed to the top of King George Falls…….you get the idea; we’ve done this ourselves.

My colleague Karen at King George Falls…early in the season judging by the water.
Everyone in my team has sampled the delights of mango beer at Matso’s – a Broome institution.

I am sure you have found that Kimberley cruises are not cheap. That’s why you need to work with people who genuinely know what they are really talking about.

We are totally, absolutely, unequivocally independent – we recommend the cruise that is right for you.

It is very important to me and my team that we match our customers with the right vessel for them. I say it all the time…there is no ‘one size fits all’ options in the Kimberley. We don’t just tell you about what is right about each vessel but sometimes what is perhaps not right (for you) about a vessel. We tell you what we think – it is not uncommon for one of us to talk someone out of booking a particular vessel because we do not believe it was suitable.

And we are fussy about which ships we offer as well. We do not work with all Kimberley cruise vessels.

I have had the good fortune to take four cruises along the Kimberley coast with four different vessels. But I only feature three of these vessels on my website. The fourth vessel was just not up to scratch quite frankly and I am not prepared to promote it. This decision did cause quite a lot of unhappiness from the vessel’s owner and a certain degree of embarrassment for me – after all I had been offered the berth for free at the last minute. But my experiences with that vessel made it impossible for me to confidently offer it to my clients. I will not go into detail about the cruise (and no, I am not going to say the name of the vessel) but basically the whole experience was a little too ’she’ll be right mate’ for my comfort. Most Kimberley cruises have a certain degree of Australian informality about them but there is a line between informality and professionalism and in this instance there was not much awareness of where that line was located.

That does not mean that all operators who sail the Kimberley coast but who are not on my website are ‘dodgy’. Some choose not to work with industry partners such as ourselves for example. But the vessels that are featured are there because we know them almost inside out – the ships, the itineraries, the management, and the crew.

Personable service

There is a trend in the travel industry to more ‘point and click’ style of booking where the bulk of the work is put back onto the customer. There are plenty of companies who are happy to take your booking for the cruise but uninterested in helping you with the rest of your itinerary.  

That’s not our style – we are old school travel agents who actually like to speak to our customers. You can call our office or (even better) book a telephone or zoom call with us at your convenience. We can book accommodation or if you prefer to book your own we can give you our thoughts about your choice. We can organise other tours, the Ghan or the Indian-Pacific around your trip. 

And although airlines like Qantas are making it harder these days for agents to offer their own airfares to their customers we are more than happy to provide advice and recommendations as to the best flights for you to book.

Long established family business – full member of AFTA and ATAS

We have been incorporated for over 20 years. Originally we started out as Harvey World Travel Chadstone (Melbourne) but in the last 15 years we have specialised in expedition style travel, mainly to the Kimberley. We are a full member of AFTA, the Australian Federation of Travel Agents and we were one of the first members of the AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS). In order to join and maintain our membership of AFTA we have to present a range of documents to AFTA for checking including our annual accounts and our training record.

About Jenny

I’m an expert in small ship cruising in the Kimberley and have completed four cruises on different vessels along this spectacular coastline. With a family I now work part-time so if you would like to have a chat with me about Kimberley cruising at a time that suits you book in a call here  and I will call you then.

Cruises in the Kimberley are not ‘one size fits all’ scenario; there are different ships and itineraries each offering their own special elements.  If you would like some general information to start your research then download my free guide to Kimberley cruising here.   I have also written some really interesting blogs (if I do say so myself) click here to have read.

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